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Usually when I play your games they dont run the best on my computer but this game ran smoothly .. You guys always make beautiful looking games and really cool environments . I am a little confused on the story though .  Overall the gameplay was enjoyable and the jumpscares did get me

Super Horror Game!


Amazingly fun experience! Didn't know what to expect when I started it up but I was definitely not disappointed! This game is fun, scary, and just plain great to play! 

I really enjoy you guys games. I be trying to tell others who like horror games like me to come and play your games. 

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кайф игра

incredible horror game... just WOW!!!

Interesting concept, I liked this!

| September 7th | SCARIEST GAME IN A LONG TIME |

Watch before playing:

Ayo great game dude! Have heard of your games before but this is the first i’ve actually played. Making it a mission to get through them all now!

September 7th is a really cool and fun short horror game to play on Friday afternoons, Saturday is Sunday!

I liked the way the story comes, the setting of the map and the world there is good, the visuals of the game are very interesting for an independent game.

I always encourage indie developers to share more of their horror games for mobile platforms, I know very well that it's hard and complicated to do this, but it's not impossible and it's totally possible.

I really enjoyed your work Emika Games and I always praise your efforts to bring a game of this level.

Review 9.8 / 10 😎🍷

dats my birthday :/ kinda weird if you think about it

horror at its best... well done emika games

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Check this playthrough:

This game was horrifying from beginning to end!  I’ve never had so many scares actually LAND in one game before!  You guys did a fantastic job on this game!

EMIKA_GAMES Always provides a scary as hell atmosphere in whatever game they make. Favorite devs on by far! 

Have to hand it to you, this might be the scariest game I play this year!

BY far the Scariest game i've ever played! #youtubeshort

This is the scariest game you have made yet!  I LOVED playing it!  Thanks for making us a scary game!

Super fun and bone chilling the whole time! I absolutely loved it and got immensely scared. Thank you!

Very well made game and well worth the money! I'd love to play more games from you!

BY Far the Scariest Game i've Ever Played

Had a blast playing this game. Graphics were fantastic. Jumpscares were… something 😳 

You are the King of Jumpscares Congrats!

Congrats, you owe me some new underwear.

This was such a fun experience! I tend to avoid jump scare heavy games, but I am always impressed with your ability to make each jump scare feel unique, and the way you build up the tension leading up to them. The game looks gorgeous, and the story, albeit a little silly, was very enjoyable! I had a great time playing this!

I have always loved Emika's HorrorGames and this one whew lawd had me screaming so much smh!!  Keep them coming!!!

This was SO good. Living 20 years in apartment like that, I approve.

Terrifying just terrifying... 

I am not going to lie. This game gave me one of the best jump scares ever

These jumpscares are INSANE OMFG 😭😭Good game tho but man i couldn’t sleep that night 

JUMP SCARE MADNESS!! And I loved every second of it! 😂 besides the part where I couldn’t find the candy cane. Great game dev! 


this game was awesome to play. so many jump scares lol 10 /10m 

OMG! One of the scariest games I've ever played. I'll be checking out the rest of your games! Thanks very much. Keep it up!

played this game the day it came out!huge fan of emika games since i created this channel! i hope u enjoy this video

I just bought this game on steam then came here and saw it for 50% off... oh well lol ill be playing it on my channel this weekend

i almost shat myself

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