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Definitely worth playing.

What an absolutely brilliant game. There hasn't been a game of yours I haven't thoroughly enjoyed, you hit the nail on the head every single time. I can't wait to see what you keep coming up with. Thank-you for such fantastic horror!

I've played several of Emika Games at this point. I purchased September 7th as part of a package deal (great price!). The game itself is about you being trapped in your apartment with a creepy, gnome/elf like doll that is well...deadly...There are puzzles to solve as the game gives you the feeling that someone or something is always watching you, which, they ARE. 

I can't believe I missed this nice gem of an indie. I'm newer to EMICA's work, and quite impressed with the quality. The jumpscares were set up nicely. 

 Otro juego de Emika terminado. Un poco más corto que los demás, pero como siempre, perfecto!

Another Emika game finished. A little shorter than the others, but as always, perfect!

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This game was awesome and scary at the same time. 

probably one of the best horror games you've made honestly loved it and so did the twodays family!

I very much enjoyed the scares and atmosphere. It was very well done. However, a lot of the riddles were unclear due to what seemed like a language barrier. The game itself is great and I look forward to finishing it. As someone who only speaks English,

its gonna be a bit of a challenge. XD 

Bought this game with 3 others during the winter sale of 2023, and, as fun as this game was, this felt like the weakest in story and tension. I did enjoy the ride and can not wait to see what the devs have next. Good job nonetheless! 

This game scare me out!!!!

I absolutely loved the game and was terrified throughout it! Keep up the good work. (here is my playthrough if anyone is interested!)

A great Holiday horror game! Loved the elf! Gave me great chills and that feeling of nopeing out while progressing.

Did a good job startling me and with that, gave me great ideas for next year for decorations!

Is it based on any folklore?

Great Job Emika Games!


Its the first gameplay. This was good but the ending left me thinking like there was more to it. I dont know if I had a nightmare or was that all in my mind. I dont know but thanks for making this game.

Very fun game. The atmosphere really puts you on the edge of your seat.


this game really freak me out !!!!

OMG Really scary i love it

I shouldn't have played this game while home alone! I liked this a lot but there was a specific scare that sounded like it came from behind me... Scared the crap out of me!

Dope game! Wish it was longer but the jumpscares made me accidently poke my eye out LOL! 


loved every bit of this game was damn awsome great great work

It Won't download past 2gb for some reaso

this game was so scary 

This GAME WAS TERRIFYING possibly the worlds scariest game loved it!

Full Video was of the game above make sure to support this creator!

All of the Emika games are so well done. The sound design is spot on and really gets you into the game. This is another winner and so spooky. 9/10

honey!! im home!!

English play through on my gaming channel :)


I really made it out?😱

Sehr gutes Weihnachten Horror Game hier mein Gameplay dazu sehr jumpscare lasstig genau mein Ding

Great game, awesome atmosphere and a few perfectly placed jumpscares. I totally recommend this game!

Un jeu d'horrreur avec énormément de scared jump . J'ai jamais eu autant de sueur sur le corps.

The atmosphere and jumpscares in this game are what did it for me. If you're thinking about playing, or trying to see if it's a bad game, I would most definitely play if you're looking for an actual Horror Game.

Below is my video on the game, check it out :)

Your games never cease to amaze me. The atmosphere is damn near perfect each time and you never disappoint. Amazing job ! 

i made a video on your game if you’re interested :)

Das Spiel war unglaublich gruselig, die jumpscares waren Hammer gut, meine Zuschauer waren total begeistert

I need a BREAK😱

Amazing game I am definitely gonna play your other games 

Heres my walkthrough

Gran juego! Lo sufrí mucho XD

This game got me multiple times lol.

For a short game, this was so good, would love to see more expanded in this setting.  The story is short but works really well.  Here is a video of my playthrough.

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