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EMIKA_GAMES Always provides a scary as hell atmosphere in whatever game they make. Favorite devs on by far! 

Have to hand it to you, this might be the scariest game I play this year!

BY far the Scariest game i've ever played! #youtubeshort

This is the scariest game you have made yet!  I LOVED playing it!  Thanks for making us a scary game!

Super fun and bone chilling the whole time! I absolutely loved it and got immensely scared. Thank you!

Very well made game and well worth the money! I'd love to play more games from you!

BY Far the Scariest Game i've Ever Played

Had a blast playing this game. Graphics were fantastic. Jumpscares were… something 😳 

You are the King of Jumpscares Congrats!

Congrats, you owe me some new underwear.

This was such a fun experience! I tend to avoid jump scare heavy games, but I am always impressed with your ability to make each jump scare feel unique, and the way you build up the tension leading up to them. The game looks gorgeous, and the story, albeit a little silly, was very enjoyable! I had a great time playing this!

I have always loved Emika's HorrorGames and this one whew lawd had me screaming so much smh!!  Keep them coming!!!

This was SO good. Living 20 years in apartment like that, I approve.

Terrifying just terrifying... 

I am not going to lie. This game gave me one of the best jump scares ever

These jumpscares are INSANE OMFG 😭😭Good game tho but man i couldn’t sleep that night 

JUMP SCARE MADNESS!! And I loved every second of it! 😂 besides the part where I couldn’t find the candy cane. Great game dev! 


this game was awesome to play. so many jump scares lol 10 /10m 

OMG! One of the scariest games I've ever played. I'll be checking out the rest of your games! Thanks very much. Keep it up!

played this game the day it came out!huge fan of emika games since i created this channel! i hope u enjoy this video

I just bought this game on steam then came here and saw it for 50% off... oh well lol ill be playing it on my channel this weekend

i almost shat myself


Nice Gameplay, This is one of the SCARIEST GAME! In my opinion.


haha cheap but effective jumpscares.


Played it. Shat myself. Hate elves now.

I've never played a game by Emika Games before, but I most certainly will now after this most enjoyable yet terrifying experience. 

It literally throws you in at the deep end with all the jumpscares and frights, and it simply gets better and better throughout the game. Albeit short, this games makes up for it with horrific visuals and sound effects. 

Great job, I'm super excited to play more of your games!

GREAT JOB MAKING THIS GAME. it is actually the scariest game ive EVER PLAYED.

This was a fun little experience. It's weird to throw Lets Play videos into a commercial product that people pay for but it's kinda cool at the same time. Other than that, it's definitely better than Fathers' Day. 

Thanks for making games!

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Another Amazing Game! Game is terrifying! 

This HORROR GAME is absolutely TERRIFYING!! | September 7th (Full Game)


a other great game if yall havent got it yall should

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this was absolutely fantastic, the jump scares were on point for one of your games and that bloody elf was horrifying, you are by far one of my favourite devs and i love it every time you bring something new out, i saw on insta your concentrating on from day to day now and i cant wait! gameplay above hope you guys enjoy 

An Epic Game. :) 5/5


Amazing game genuinely frightening, Keep up the good work! :)

Best Horror game so far in 2023! I had to change me underwear after playing this..


Absolutely incredible game! Might be one of the best of 2023, calling it.

This was horrific! I screamed so much in this one. Another great game from you Emika! Absolutely excited for your next game!! That hatch bit got me good. Maybe he should have just burnt that doll! here is my gameplay! 

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One of these days I will re-upload the game with the bugs fixed. Send me an email who bought a copy of the game.

The game is available for download again!


thank you nice game its on steam tho here dont work


hey guys the game isnt working for me every time i try to open the file it does as shown in the screenshot, would really love to play this for my channel if you could get it fixed

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