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The game takes place in a house where previously there were terrible events. You have to repeatedly wander through the same corridor, in order to uncover the causes of insanity and understand who you are. Be patient, and the house will open previously locked doors and show you frightening memories of the past. The narrative of the story is transmitted through the environment. Each item tells a story, relying on your imagination. Only the player decides to reveal the idea of the game and be in the center of events, escape or pass it as a room of fear.

GENRE. Psychological thriller.

WARNING.  Locked Up - my first solo project. You may find some bugs, let me know in the comments about it.

Locked Up - the full version is coming soon on Steam.

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Steam Locked Up

«Don't believe everything you see»

Demo_Locked_Up v.0.2 - Changes were made to the gameplay. Fixed bugs. 


Demo_Locked_Up v.0.1
Demo_Locked_Up v.0.2

Development log


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This was a super well done horror game. For my first time back making videos it was quite a treat to play something so polished. Well done!

This game is everything I like about horror games.  No cheap jumpscares, good buildups... really really well done. Cheers!

Absolutely stunning and the gameplay was as entertaining. Check me out! 


it really awesome game LOVE IT 

This was a very eerie experience! Excellent horror atmosphere, can't wait for the full release!

This is a really good looking game - and very intense. I can't wait to play the full version on Steam. Great work!

got it working now, great game so far, can't wait to see this full.

LOCKED UP In the MOST TERRIFYING House! (Pure Fear!) 👻

This was actually amazing! Loved it! Gave me some real fear, Can't wait to see a full game. Keep me posted please! Thanks!

This was interesting!


replayed the demo,it's even better now :D,gave me goosebumps 
good work,you got my money at release :) 

Thanks. The main thing is to play slowly and imagine your fears and the effect will be double)))))

Blocks sometimes I can't get them from certain places, great game though

Use Steam to download https://store.steampowered.com/app/1258590/Locked_Up/

thank you

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I was literally talking to a baby out of nerves. Jeez. 

Really enjoyed it! CANNOT wait for the Steam version! 

-Smooches, XxMelodicaxX

Very high quailty horror yet I found it kinda confusing...

Game was good. environment was really creepy. 

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Muy bueno, ojala pronto lo tengas terminado.


nice game

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The demo looks stunning.Waiting for the full release.

I have a question, what's the meaning of the symbol next to the crib that has the blood below it? It's been itching my mind for a while lol

In the full version there will be a small reference to this)

Incredible game scared me senseless, can't wait for the full release. The game ran smooth with no bugs or lag. I recomend everyone that likes a good scare check it out and while you're at it if you're too scared to play check out my gameplay on it instead :-)

Thanks for the review! ))

absolutely loved this game, scared the gonorrhea out of me :)

Thanks for the review! ))


My penis is small


oof, so sorry to hear about that. however, mine is massive like the moon.

same dude! penis yes


I am a beginner please checkout my game, it is linked to my account


Amazing game!!! Thank you for making it

Thanks ))

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Awesome game! Can’t wait for the full release!!!

Thanks for the review! ))


Gotta love summoning the devil using kids toys! 🤣


Thanks for the review! ))


OK                  SO                  IT A GREAT GAME




I just played it and I really liked it, and how there aren't any jumpscares and it's mostly psychological horror.

Also my computer can't handle most games but I didn't have any problem with this one (especially with the graphics). So yeah, the story is really nice too and it actually scared me, good job!


SKIP TO 12:55!!!

Thanks for the review! ))


Fantastic game. Hits on all the right notes for a Horror experience.


I really enjoyed it! It wasn’t really jumpscare scary but the environment had me nervous and ready for a jumpscare ! 

Thanks!  cool!))

Was able to start the game with some fiddling around. I really liked it; my only note is that there's a particular part when you have to pick something up and put it down somewhere else and it took me a super long time to figure out. I decided to watch a bit of someone's gameplay and finally figured out it wasn't a glitch and (thankfully) didn't start the entire game over. But when you pick up the things (avoiding spoilers) the cursor in the middle of the scree disappears so it looks like the game is stuck. That's my only real suggestion.

thanks for the feedback!  items are a part of the puzzle and a test of attentiveness)) Items when you pick them up specifically can not be thrown out or put in place.  Imagine you threw the item and can not find it, end of the game))

I experienced this same trouble. The part where it happened was picking up the toys. Was essentially stuck in the room for a good 10 mins before I rebooted and figured it out.


Yeah it's not like I couldn't figure out where to put them but that I didn't even know if it was supposed to move, I figured I'd done something wrong and caused a glitch.

Thank you for the experience strange as heck but I enjoyed it plus the details and graphics are top notch!



Really creepy and well done! Love the narrative!


너무 흥미진진하고 공포감 좋았습니다!!

Hello guys!I played today.

Me personally,It was very scary but very awesome!I'm so so so interested in the rest of that story.And I want everybody to know how attractive this game is.

BTW,Uploaded a video on youtube.But,i'm sorry....i'm Japanese woman...

If you would like to, please take a look.



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