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This game was absolutely amazing! We loved it so much, Walker got super into it.

This was one of the few games that literally had me shaking in fear from jump scares! Emika Games, thank you for making one of the scariest games of all time! Hopefully, you will be able to return! 

Really loved the feel of this game. Scares definitely got me good lol. I hope you return to game development one day because your games have crazy potential :)


This game is something else emika. I feel bad for everything thats going on with this game (refunds) its totally unfair that you spent so much time on a game just for it to be ruined by the public. Hopefully everything gets resolved soon :) 


Hey, great game just wondering if you were looking for some voice acting for it, I have been wanting to do voice acting for something month’s if you are up for it please contact me on my discord if you can (KaizerLive#8622)

this game was crazy and scary

It all ends here in this fantastic game. With night 3 here and the dramatic finish that will keep me awake for nights. So many jump scares. Thank you for making this.

Sorry to hear people have been abusing the refund system on Steam, it clearly needs some changes to accommodate for short games. Played your other games when you gave them away and just bought this one on Steam, good luck for the future


I sincerely hope that you can continue creating great games.

This is what I call real horror in a video game.

It took me 1 hour to play through this game and every single minute of it was terrifying, even during daylight.

You guys KNOW how to scare people the right way.

Thank you for your creation! looking forward to play the rest of your games.

Here is my gameplay, Part 1 I truly hope you enjoy.

I have loved all of your work, and this one really shows you are just getting better. I really hope you will make projects at some point again, thank you for your work :)

 Full Playthrough No Commentary 

loved this! Please check out my play through below x 

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By far, I think this is one of Emika's best games yet. It always hits my phobias and makes it unsettling while playing. I only played the first night but I'm too terrified to move around, even in daylight. Now I have to go through a whole week of scares. Thanks Emika XD. I still have to fully beat it. Had to take a breather.

I think this may be the scariest game I've ever played. Loved every minute of it. Can't wait until the next one.

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this game far exceeded my expectations ^_^

Great graphics and story..the atmosphere is very creepy and eerie, loved it!

honestly one of the scariest games I’ve ever played I loved it! Please check out my play through below x

This was so well done! Atmosphere, the story, the sounds, the scares, all of it was amazing! It got me so many times! 

I played this game to completion and i genuinely enjoyed it. You have great execution of using lighting correctly, with a good mix of ambient sounds that give it such a shock when i get jumpscared.. alot. Great job looking out for your other work!

Now this.. THIS is what a GENUINE horror game looks like! I had AT LEAST 10+ jumpscares throughout my playthrough along with some really funny moments, so check it out here!

those jumpscares got us bad lmao, very creative can only recommend <3

Just Livestreamed it and LET ME TELL YOU! THIS game was INCREDIBLE! Can't wait to play the second addition!

This was a great game, was expecting a ton of scares and that was exactly what I got. The developers wanted the players to be on edge from the start with the constant noises around you, now that was genius, really really love it

Okay this game was FANTASTIC all the way through and is full of scares! Heres the Part 2 in the video series I made for it! Part 1 is also in these comments <3 

What a game you have here. Loving it so far. The graphics are amazing. The story line is also very well done. Great game and thank you for making this 10/10.

Emika games is way too lit. Locked Up is just as scary, if not scarier.

either you hate them or you love them ... I, for one, love the EMIKA games, they are worth every minute! if you don't know it yet, you should definitely have a look at "find yourself" !!!

Tried out the game, keep up the work!

this game was one of the best indie games I've played in a long time, if you haven't played this yet- its a must. 

Quite simply. This game SLAPS!

Literally one of the scariest games I've played in a long time! It has almost everything you could ask for in the horror game. Played "Locked Up" and "Find Yourself" before but this one is my favorite. One of the best indie game developer right here people!! Keep up the great work! 

AMAZING GAME very well done loved literally every minute of it. One of my favorite horror games ever now

Welcome back to Summer of '58. Today I finish the game and man is it scary. With many horrors around every corner this game does not fail to entertain. Come check out the absolute horror this game entails and get spooked


I loved the premise, gameplay and the looks and the first half was definitely amazing in establishing atmosphere and building a story. Personally, the second half felt muddled, a bit rushed and the scares got a bit repetitive which is a shame because there are plenty of neat spooky ideas in this game. I still can’t wait for the sequel because the ending hinted at a pretty cool idea but I hope that the story will be more cohesive. Sometimes, a simple story is better for a shorter game since you can spend more time on fleshing out details and characters instead of piling on new twists and turns. But that’s my subjective point of view, I really get that a lot of other players truly enjoyed the game as it is :) 

Everything about this game is just incredible! The atmosphere is just phenomenal and the graphics are hands mown superb! So much so that my laptop can’t handle them at ultra :( 

Keep up the fantastic work!  

Here is part 2 of my game play 

Amazing game! Great atmosphere, graphics, story! Big thumbs up 👍🏾 

This game was absolultey terrifying. Love everything about it. Awesome theme, atmosphere and such things. Very good and well done game!

Part 2 of my Let's Play — I was blown away by the atmosphere, amazing job creating suspense! I think there's a lot you can do to expand on the gameplay and really give it life or death stakes, but overall, I loved the game and cannot wait for the sequel!

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