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either you hate them or you love them ... I, for one, love the EMIKA games, they are worth every minute! if you don't know it yet, you should definitely have a look at "find yourself" !!!

Tried out the game, keep up the work!

this game was one of the best indie games I've played in a long time, if you haven't played this yet- its a must. 

Quite simply. This game SLAPS!

Literally one of the scariest games I've played in a long time! It has almost everything you could ask for in the horror game. Played "Locked Up" and "Find Yourself" before but this one is my favorite. One of the best indie game developer right here people!! Keep up the great work! 

AMAZING GAME very well done loved literally every minute of it. One of my favorite horror games ever now

Welcome back to Summer of '58. Today I finish the game and man is it scary. With many horrors around every corner this game does not fail to entertain. Come check out the absolute horror this game entails and get spooked


I loved the premise, gameplay and the looks and the first half was definitely amazing in establishing atmosphere and building a story. Personally, the second half felt muddled, a bit rushed and the scares got a bit repetitive which is a shame because there are plenty of neat spooky ideas in this game. I still can’t wait for the sequel because the ending hinted at a pretty cool idea but I hope that the story will be more cohesive. Sometimes, a simple story is better for a shorter game since you can spend more time on fleshing out details and characters instead of piling on new twists and turns. But that’s my subjective point of view, I really get that a lot of other players truly enjoyed the game as it is :) 

Everything about this game is just incredible! The atmosphere is just phenomenal and the graphics are hands mown superb! So much so that my laptop can’t handle them at ultra :( 

Keep up the fantastic work!  

Here is part 2 of my game play 

Amazing game! Great atmosphere, graphics, story! Big thumbs up 👍🏾 

This game was absolultey terrifying. Love everything about it. Awesome theme, atmosphere and such things. Very good and well done game!

Part 2 of my Let's Play — I was blown away by the atmosphere, amazing job creating suspense! I think there's a lot you can do to expand on the gameplay and really give it life or death stakes, but overall, I loved the game and cannot wait for the sequel!

[Warning: Some spoilers]

Just finished playing the game, and I was very satisfied. I only have three complaints: 1) For some reason, every time I'd pass from one level to the other, the game would reset my graphic and visual settings, and I had to go to the menu and change it back every time I changed levels. 2) Some jumpscares had characters running but there was no motion (they were T-posing) and that was a little weird for me. 3) The camera zoom was really confunsing. I'd personally had prefered if "E" was zoom in and "Q" zoom out instead of "E" for both.

But let's talk about the very good ideas you guys had.

I loved both the story and the ambience. There was some lack of logic here and there (like how did he first get to the camp with all doors and windows locke when he was inside, or how despite having experience as a Russian translator he still needed a dictionary to read and write Russian), but it doesn't really affect much the experience.

And the idea to play as the Ivan's mother? Really good! I felt like I could absorve and understand more the story thanks to that.

At first I thought the ending was a little underwhelming, but after the credits and seeing there will be a sequel it felt satisfying, so good ending overall.

Also, some of the scariest parts were related to sounds (wich you guys nailed it!) more than to jumpscares, so maybe explore more of that!



LOOKS GREAT !!!  Shame my laptop wont play it... ill defo add this onto my steamdeck (if i get one lol)

This was absolutely fantastic. The story, scares, and creepy sounds made for a super creepy experience. I can't wait for your next game release!
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Dude! This game is AMAZING! Im doing a 2 part video series on it and cant wait to do the second part! Seriously well done!


here is my playthrough, this was an amazing game, look forward to seeing what you guys make in the future!
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This is an amazing game. 10/10 Experience. I can't wait to see a sequal to this with Alex Mortan. I will be playing all Emika Games and supporting.

Love this game and ending was amazing

WOW!!! Another fantastic game from yourselves, having only played the 'From Day To Day' Demo I told myself I will be playing more of your games as I really like the style of horror that you bring!
I found 'Summer of '58' on steam and was like OMG I gotta play it!! You have outdone yourselves yet again truly fantastic! All the right scares in the right places! It takes a lot to make a game that truly terrifies you and you've done just that! I have never been so scared whilst playing a horror game there were points where I actually didn't want to continue cos i was just so terrified!!

Well done this game is incredible!! Keep up the amazing work!

Here is part 1 to my game play!! I look forward to finishing it off and will definitely be playing your other games!


Yes see him

see him

Amazing ambiance, great work as always Emika. Buy this game.

part 2 love the game

here is part 1

This was a great atmospheric game! You guys did a great job of building up tension as the story progresses. I thought the sound design is top notch in this game and I was born deaf! Minor nitpick, but I would add a fixed camera angle showing the backpack and its items when you start the game. I missed it at first, but eventually found the backpack. There were some slow parts in the game and I can see that it is hard to find a good balance between building tension and action. I think you guys did a great job overall!

Love the game, can not wait for ?Part 2"..


What a great game by Emika. The atmosphere and visuals are great the sound is amazing like always. At first I thought it relied on jumpscares but I was mistaken and enjoyed the whole experience, the scares were done really well. Was excited to see that its connected to your upcoming game ''From Day To Day'' as I've been waiting for that since I first found out about it at start of the year. Keep up the amazing work!


One of the best games I've played. Excellent story, the sounds in this game are second to none and the jump scares were on point. Thank you Emika Games for an amazing experience 👍😁


Fantastic game! You do an excellent job building tension with eerie sounds and creepy visuals, which makes the jumpscares all the more potent. I love the tragic backstory and detailed lore. A few parts dragged on (especially the letter writing), but overall, a thoroughly terrifying game!

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Always Enjoy the product Emika Games puts out!  Great stuff, they are setting the bar so high for horror games in 2021! Check out the full game right here!  Can't wait for From Day To Day!  

De lo mejor que jugue este ultimo tiempo, muy bueno

You know its gonna be good when it has Emika written on it :)

There's definitely some creepy stuff in this game, and some good scares. Some parts are kinda slow and drawn out though, which kinda took me out of it at times. It's not a bad game or anything, but I found myself a little bored in some parts. Pretty cool experience overall though. Thanks!

Отличный хоррор,разработчик молодец.Жду продолжение

Полное прохождение ЗДЕСЬ!!!!

Absolutely AWESOME !! Everything about this game is top notch! Atmosphere is insane, the lighting effects, graphics, and the story line is perfect! Full game play here: 

Please Subscribe!!

Incredible atmosphere, brilliant audio, fantastic and realistic looking visuals, but I think most importantly, amazing scares.
Well worth a play. Loved it from start to finish. You WILL be spooked at least a few times.
Looking forward to From Day To Day too.

Another Masterpiece! 

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