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I have these game, can I have the key in steam

This game scared the crap out of me one of my new favorites!

EMIKA.. What a wild ride this game was. GENUINELY SCARY fr fr. Ended up playing the whole game in 1 sitting and it never got dull. 9/10 from me 🤙🏻

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developer what's the catch I thought I tied the full version of the game or it seems to me from that I see the inscription from above ? ;/ 

yeah, I paid attention to the versions of the game, they are different, I'm not attentive

Hello. Yes, the versions are different. There is a paid version and a free demo. Do you still have a question?))

and you can make horror using tattletail as an example, if the developer allows it, excuse me English this google translate

This is the 3th and final part of my gameplay!

This game was quite an experience, very well put together!

Really loved it, loved the atmosphere and the ambience

This game scared the crap out of me one of my new favorites!

This is part 2 of my Locked Up experience!

This game is awesome! Love the ambience and the atmosphere in this one

This is part 1 of my playthrough


The game really is great for the horror moments and scares. I was confused with the narrative for most of the game, though the ending really managed to pull everything that I had experienced together.

I feel like the game became a bit of a click on everything till something happens halfway through, either I was confused what to do next or was having to wait for the next event. At the same time there were so many amazing horror moments within the hall, the scares were great and a lot of cinematic creepy moments. My favourite part was where the daughter was shouting endlessly from the room, it really made the game feel like it is set out of time and you are experiencing the moments of the past.

I purchased the winter bundle with this, find yourself and summer of '58. I recently restored my pc and lost the files but it wont let me redownload from my itch page.

I purchased the bundle and I get this error each time I try to download them

Hi! Write to me in the mail There are problems with shopping on itch right now since I am in Russia.

thank you!

Awesome horror elements! I got legit creeped out at SEVERAL parts of this game. The story is a little hard to discern, but that said, I am not smart lol 
For real though, well worth the price and you should definitely check this game out.

Check out my gameplay here! 

It's really good and a nice horror trip. Also do not miss out on the other great Emika Games. Wanna take a gameplay look:

final part of my gameplay of locked up, what an amazing experience this game was and I couldn't recommend it more, so what are you waiting for?  

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really enjoying this game, emika games, you make some of the most physically mind baffling and scary games loved every minute! 

i haven’t seen this bad work in my life! Using same models from phasmo, using same map from PT demo, using ideas from RE. How lazy are you?! Can you even make your own graphics?


ha ha.  The map is drawn by me and there is no connection with PT.  they are completely different.  My game came out earlier than Phasemaphobia.  Models are bought on the same marketplace)) Do not blame them for something without understanding.


write it right, Blair Witch!  not RE


u mad bro


Holy crap Emika Games..... your games are on a whole different level I swear.... Good Scares gives be the heebbby jeeebbyy!

This game scared the crap out of me one of my new favorites!

a brilliantly made demo which was really scary! and I look forward to the full game. 

My only constructive critique was the gaps in between things happening seemed to be ever so slightly too long for me personally, but aside from that I enjoyed!

Check out my video and subscribe if you enjoy. 

All round fab game. Great atmosphere and super scary spooks.

Love all of the games you have made they certainly have the right element of scare in them. You really are fantastic at making horror games.
I'm hoping you continue with 'FDTD' as I really enjoyed that demo and would love to see the full version.

Keep up the amazing work!

Here is part 2 of my game play x

Absolutely brilliant

Here is part 1 of my game play x



Holy COW!! , what a game!! must play this, did this Live on Twitch took about 1:38 hrs but well worth is.

This was well worth the time and money.  For those wondering, it's sort of a blend of the mechanics from P.T. and Layers of Fear, with a bit of REVII (the videotape mechanic). 

The story is disjointed, but I feel like I was able to make decent sense of it by the end.  Trying to piece together the mystery through the environment is one of the game's big strengths - you never feel completely in control or at ease.

I can't wait to play the rest of the Emika library, as I picked the bundle up on sale.  

A masterpiece of a horror game. I'm still having trouble sleeping. EmikaGames is one of the best Indie horror game devs out there. 

YO! I just did a live run of this game ! SO AWESOME !!! This team makes the best games!! Live stream here: 

I really tried..It was a lot...

This game was one of my favorites. it lasted way longer than i expected and it was super awesome. ty

This was awesome! Can't wait to play more of your games! 

I have now played all your games on here including the demos and this is one of my favourites from you. Have to say that this is a very good indie horror game especially for a very small team and the tools used. I love the atmosphere and the usage of sounds like in all your games. Price is definitley worth it. Looking forward to your upcoming game 'Summer of '58' Also was wondering if there is anymore news on 'From Day To Day'

10/10 again this game was super intense. Graphics and audio were spot on, cant wait to play Summer of 58 keep up the amazing work. Check out my stream highlights.

One of the first games I played for my channel. Game had a good atmosphere and some cool scares.

PS Apologize for what I'm assuming is going to have a lack of editing and shitty sound.

Incredible Game!  If you want to see the 1st part of my playthrough....Check the vid!  Part 2 & Part 3 will be coming!  

Part 2

The End

I liked it. Sound effects and graphics were great. Was a bit hard to follow the story but overall i really enjoyed the game.

Finished it. It was really good.

I loved playing this demo, i'm definitely going to play the full version.

Thanks :)

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked the game! Play my new demo version of the game From Day To Day

This game is amazing! I really enjoyed it. The graphics, soundtrack, horror elements, basically everything was perfect. Thank you for creating such an awesome experience. 

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked the game! Play my new demo version of the game From Day To Day

I'll definitely check it out. Thank you! 

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