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What a scary little number! Ever seen a giant crumble?

Verdammt cooles Game hier mein Gameplay dazu

Prisonnier dans une ferme avec des phénomènes paranormaux.

I really enjoyed this demo and long for the full release :D  Thank you very much for sharing this with us!  I just posted my full, "No commentary play-through to my YouTube channel, @indiehorrornetwork.  All are welcome to stop by anytime, we would love to see you there.  Remember to always support all things indie horror!  Take care.

The demo had so many hidden ghosts...I can only imagine the complete game! I cannot wait for this to be released! Your games are amazing as always!

It's a scary demo I want to play the full game, and find out what happens.

Muy buen demo , como siempre los de emika games se lucen en este tipo de juegos de terror . no se si tendra version completa ....

Well, this DEMO looks amazing.  I surely hope that this game eventually gets released, its been on my wishlist in Steam for a long time now.  I truly want to see more of this one.  Here is a playthrough of the DEMO.

I hope this becomes a full game! Unless it is part of Fathers day then, well done

I really liked the demo! The scenery, the sounds of the game are perfect. The game is very promising in all respects, be it story or its scares.. I'll be waiting anxiously for its release ^^

Gameplay PT-BR

I absolutely need to see more of this game, honestly. I wasn’t a fan of another title you made, but I am dying to see the rest of From Day to Day. Just the little time I played the demo was intriguing, If you’ve given up on this project, I hope you change your mind. I know there are more than just me out there hoping to see the full glory of this game.

Game was awesome.  The psychological thriller was intense, and this was just the demo.  Cant wait to play the full version.

Comments below clip:

I can spend 6 pages on this game, but keep it to simple: WOW!!!

Awesome game, guys. Thank you so much for making it. Big thumbs up and kudos top all involved!

Can Wait to play the full game keep  up the good work! 

travou meu pc!

This is such a beautiful game but It broke my computer lol All jokes aside, After I manage to get it to run a little better on my computer its a fun , interesting game! Hoping ill be able to play the full game when its released

nice game.

love it thank you

It`s good game.

First game in the video. PLEASE RELEASE THE GAME SOON

when the full game will be released?



awesome graphics  gd demo

Played the demo live on stream, I really liked it mang, GJ! < 3 

and again,a awesome game!!! i will buy the full game as well ;) ty for this game


i really hope you keep making games. i love all your projects. keep it up dude

Loved this demo! (first game played) Really excited for the main game.

Really scary and beautiful graphics. Check out my video.


Man this Demo was 20/10 But what did I expect from Emika_Games They stay coming with these bangers Cant wait till the whole game to come out

Super demo! Tres beaux graphismes! Hate qu'il sorte!

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Александр, только что увидел Вашу ситуацию с возвратами средств на Steam с игрой "Summer Of '58". Решил поддержать, чем могу, как говорится - сразу купил bundle всех игр. Правда, поиграть пока не могу, ибо нет компьютера с Windows (только Linux). Но обязательно поиграю позже. Потратив немного времени и поизучав видео трейлеров, мне и так очевидно, что Ваши игры - действительно стояшие!

Желаю Вам творческих и коммерческих успехов! Вы - талантливый игродел!

Great demo, really looking forward to playing the full version! Had a lil' bug with the transitions (9:06 and 11:15), but nothing major.

Really enjoyed it!


This made me almos sh*t my pants and have a heart attack. thanks hahah 

Темная цветовая гамма очень плохо выглядит, не надо обрезать тени, Саня.

really good thanks,

Enjoy my full gameplay...........

man you guys are truly the kings of horror loved absolutely every min of this demo. If you feel like it come check out the video, I don't think i have ever freaked like I do with your games both this and summer of '58

If you like horror games then this game is a must see. This is from day to day by emika games. These developers are the true kings of horror. With the perfect atmosphere and impeccably placed scares this game leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting more. Come check out From Day To Day Demo and see what true horror is.

i sent an email to your business account on your website

Never a dull moment. Excellent demo! Eagerly awaiting the full game :)

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