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Este juego es excelente de principio a fin. Todo el tiempo te tiene con los pelos de punta y espero que todo mundo que lea esto tenga la oportunidad de jugarlo. Todos los juegos independientes deberías apuntar a esto. Excelente juego!

I couldn't finish the game because the Developer pulled a really shitty move and blew my ears out during a silent loading screen.  It ruined the rest of the game for me and my ears were ringing for the rest of the night. This game was going so great and I was loving it, but that mean stunt ruined it.  I hope the developer doesn't do that in any future games.

This Game is really nice done. Scary with a good twist at the end. Also don't miss out Summer of 58'.Wanna take a peek at the gameplay:

YO EMIKA GAMES!! Your GAME IS LIT! You never fail to impress and scare the living hell out of me! You deserve A LOT of recognition for your teams hard work! KEEP IT UP!!!

never want to travel by a train again. emika games ur talent in the horror genre is incredible keep it up loved this game, i linked the game if anyone wants to check it out!

Terror psicológico con historia traumante. Por favor, necesito más de esto! Bravo!

Psychological terror with traumatic history. Please, I need more of this! 


It was a great game!
I loved the graphics and the game,
Great story, Emika Games are awesome!

This was definitely a great horror experience!
Well done mate, I really enjoyed every bit of it!
Gonna check your other games soon too

All the games of Emika Games are awesome, this was a masterpiece

Here is our Gamepaly

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Scarier than Locked Up, but I feel like it's the weaker game.  I got stuck a lot, and I didn't realize you could die in this.  I basically gave up at the amusement park when I realized I was being chased.  I'm very much done with the "defenselessly running from monster" style of horror games.

Going to give Summer of '58 a go now.

Absolutely fantastic game! Enjoyed every second of it even if it did scare the bejesus outta me :')
Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next one

Here is my play through x

If your idea for this game was to scare the heck outta players then you did it, this game was creepy from start to finish and like summer of '58 it was fantastic, really enjoying these games

Fantastic from start to finish 


I played the first half of the game on a video, i will say im very impressed. its a very high quality game and i think you should 100% get this game :) 


This was such a well thought out experience and story. I recommend it to anyone wanting a scary game. Today the horror finally ends in Find Yourself. Its time to learn the traumatic truth behind our protagonists fears. What could have happened to make him so afraid of everything? Lets find out in todays latest video Find Yourself - Answering all the questions

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loved the game man so good, the scares are top notch. You are def the king of horror game developers.

Its time for the latest horror game by Emika Games. Come check out Find Yourself a first person horror game where you are trapped on a train and must escape. You slowly relive traumas of the past and must come to grips with your child hood. Once again this game is chocked full of scares and has the perfect atmosphere for horror. Come check out what the king of horror development has to offer us now!

What engine did you use to make this wonderful game??

Unreal Engine. All of the environments are from the Unreal marketplace so it's almost definitely made in it.

A must play! Emika games is one of my favorite game publishers out there, must check out all of their games. Can't wait to see more from them!

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This is one of the most scariest games I have ever played next to Locked Up. I played this game as a buildup to Summer of 58. I have never been jumped scared so  much in one gaming session, my poor heart lol. 

Now this was a horror game. I'm still having Nightmare. Play it with the lights off and the closet open Lmao. Let the Scream flow right out 


pretty good game i had to make 2 parts for it but i do really like the game it self 


Not surprised by such an awesome and immersive experience this development is from EMIKA GAMES! To place you in a chaotic and terrifying world and actually feel as if you truly are there seems to be their specialty. The only issue is the translation to English seems a bit off. The sentence structure is strange at times. But the game itself is PERFECT!

Amazing Work!


Thank you very much. Sorry for the translation. I am a developer from Russia. There are some difficulties in translation.

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intends to bring this game to Mobile platforms and consoles?

No. Only for PC. :)

I understand, thanks for your reply.

I got this game while on sale and wow it was good! especially for its price. Although, I think at full price it is still worth a pick up. Looking forward to your upcming game that you recently announced! keep up the good work.


Thank you very much!

This game is next level horror from the amazing graphics to the super intense audio. I was close to a panic attack at one point. 10/10 . Keep up the good work. Check out my stream highlights.

Thank you very much!

does this come with a steam key?


No.They don't sell Steam keys here.


For anyone having the issue where the main menu is zoomed in and the resolution doesn't fix it: Uninstall any VR software including SteamVR and Oculus. The game will run fine after.

This almost never happens to me...
I'm downloading Find Yourself from one of the available keys you provided here on
But when I download the 4GB game its is more like 5.5GB .zip
Then I can't open it.  Somehow its getting corrupted every time I download it.  I'm in Linux by the way.... I use Wine to play your games.

Please write me an email

I tested the game only on Windows 7/8/10

When you write to me, we will work out with you how to solve this problem.

Thank you!

This game is AWESOME! Emika Games is solid.  Watch the FULL GAME here!

Here's my final part and thoughts on the game, thanks for making this - I had a lot of fun and can't wait for From Day Today!

I had already put up most of it on my channel. Here is the ending.

this game is very good and sinister, its story is very mysterious, but two things are missing Brazilian Portuguese subtitles and the Mobile Version

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