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heh heh.. 69

The story of the guy with mental illness was good. Jumpscares were good. I wanted to let you know the clown glitch out to the point where he just stop chasing me and he was stuck in one spot just laughing but I probably have the old version and not the updated one idk but the game is really good. I have been playing you guys games. I like them and will play the others. 

This game is fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of it.

I have these game, can I have the key in steam

OMG !! Das ist so gruselig.ich hab mich mega gegruselt.Einfach Großartig !!

If you're really looking for a creepy game? This is the game for you!

Man I bought 2 of you guys games and man Im too scared to play him. 😂

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First off I need to say I love Emika games having already played Summer of 58 so couldn't wait to try his other offerings.

This game is great if you enjoy a story combined with many jumpscares. And no matter how many there were, they didn't even lose their scare factor.

If you like one-session horror games I really recommend it. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Video is part 1 of my gameplay with part 2 to follow in a few days

I loved playing this game and I would recommend other people play this too

I freaking loved this game and this guy posted a really awsome playthrough 

I had a fun and hard time around this game!! Hats off to the development team and especially sound engineering team

This has the be one of the scariest games ive played. The sounds on the train were so well designed, i constantly felt like i was going to be jumpscared.

Full Gameplay Walkthrough

I wouldn't have been able to get through it without Rhonda and my girls, aka the bevy of mannequins at every turn.

Like with literally everything Emika Games makes, this has a surprising amount of detailed gameplay and storytelling right off the bat. The ever present shadow with horns was a wonderful detail and every moment of gameplay in the house was enough to make me lose all feeling in several extremities. 

Still to this day, one of the scariest games I have evr played. It has everything you need for a great horror experience and more! 11/10 - A must try If you're a fan of horror!

play visage now thats next level creepy hehe

Played and finished it last year :) We need more like that

made it right to the end then stopped playing might need to restart ahah that games a heart attack lol

The game is amazing, I think it is my favourite of your three games, especially of how creepy the locations are, the basement and the Circus really stand out points. The story was great, as well it really kept the confusion on the characters past until the last moments, just then to do a bigger twist.

Looking forward to your next game, I already have put them on my wishlist on Steam.


IT EVIL BROTHER IS AFTER ME!!! Find yourself | Full Walkthrough Gameplay
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Really Good Horror Game!! This game is really scary and the ambience throughout felt really creepy! I've also played Summer of '58, which is really good. That game made me truly scream to my loudest. Here's My play-through


Este juego es excelente de principio a fin. Todo el tiempo te tiene con los pelos de punta y espero que todo mundo que lea esto tenga la oportunidad de jugarlo. Todos los juegos independientes deberías apuntar a esto. Excelente juego!

I couldn't finish the game because the Developer pulled a really shitty move and blew my ears out during a silent loading screen.  It ruined the rest of the game for me and my ears were ringing for the rest of the night. This game was going so great and I was loving it, but that mean stunt ruined it.  I hope the developer doesn't do that in any future games.

This Game is really nice done. Scary with a good twist at the end. Also don't miss out Summer of 58'.Wanna take a peek at the gameplay:

YO EMIKA GAMES!! Your GAME IS LIT! You never fail to impress and scare the living hell out of me! You deserve A LOT of recognition for your teams hard work! KEEP IT UP!!!

never want to travel by a train again. emika games ur talent in the horror genre is incredible keep it up loved this game, i linked the game if anyone wants to check it out!

Terror psicológico con historia traumante. Por favor, necesito más de esto! Bravo!

Psychological terror with traumatic history. Please, I need more of this! 


It was a great game!
I loved the graphics and the game,
Great story, Emika Games are awesome!

This was definitely a great horror experience!
Well done mate, I really enjoyed every bit of it!
Gonna check your other games soon too

All the games of Emika Games are awesome, this was a masterpiece

Here is our Gamepaly

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Scarier than Locked Up, but I feel like it's the weaker game.  I got stuck a lot, and I didn't realize you could die in this.  I basically gave up at the amusement park when I realized I was being chased.  I'm very much done with the "defenselessly running from monster" style of horror games.

Going to give Summer of '58 a go now.

Absolutely fantastic game! Enjoyed every second of it even if it did scare the bejesus outta me :')
Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next one

Here is my play through x

If your idea for this game was to scare the heck outta players then you did it, this game was creepy from start to finish and like summer of '58 it was fantastic, really enjoying these games

Fantastic from start to finish 


I played the first half of the game on a video, i will say im very impressed. its a very high quality game and i think you should 100% get this game :) 

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