Release of the game "Father's Day"

It's no secret that games like to pirate and download them in torrent. I decided to arrange days of free download of my game on "itch io" with the latest update.


Father's Day v. 1.6.1 16 GB
Version 5 Aug 23, 2023
Father's Day v. 1.6.1 16 GB
Version 2 Oct 25, 2022

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Oop, was this free for a limited time? I played two other of your games via Steam. Loved them!

Sorry to hear that your work gets pirated. Hope you at least get some out of your hard work! Stay Strong my friend.


dude man! free? your games are some of the best work i have experienced and for this to be free after all your hard work is crazy! your one of my favourite developers and the crap you have gone through with steam is so wrong but im so happy you are still producing games because your one of the most talented and best story tellers out there! i bought all your games up to this point, i dont have the full amount to the game before the sale but i donated what i could to claim this because i feel like its robbery to not donate something much love man!