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English Gameplay on my Channel :)

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Played about half of it so far and WOW. Emika Games never disappoints, atmosphere is terrifying, sound and level design are fantastic. Jumpscares great as always! 

LOVE YOU ALL! keep up the great games.

love it that all your games are in the same world. going through and noticed items and rooms from other games. <3

full game in playlist..


Freaking loved this game

another amazing one from EMIKA Games! Thanks

Got back to some EMIKA_GAMES this week, still got Sep 7th to do, nice work as always :)

Full Play NO Commentary 


Hi I have your game in my collection but I have this message: You claimed this game 2 days ago with a limited number of Father's Day keys. Which key?  Where to find it? I have not received anything. Thanks in advance.


You should have a download game button, since you have activated the game automatically with a key.

Did a playthrough of this. Fantastic game! I'm working my way through your bundle.

This was a good game and will say i didnt expect it to be that big of a game i played the full game keep up the good work

Super fun game so far, extremely creepy!!

Very fun game ! Great job . Im really glad you explained what happened to Henry a little more after the credits! Oh and I think I found a way to break the clown  lol 

Very beautiful game ! The plot was a little confusing  in some parts but  at the end it all came together :)  This is part 1 , ill be posting part 2 soon 

Not the scariest game I played, but I enjoyed it very much! Good story and twist in the end.

so what are the scariest games u played i want to be scared!

Play Deppart (Prototype) and then play Elevated Dread. These are some good games.

there is so much to look at I find myself getting distracted a lot XD I am slightly obsessed with this game

HI! I am obsessed with you games. I try opening the rar file with 7 zip and it keeps saying "couldn't start ....(names a temp file) then "create process() returned 2." Any suggestions?!

try to unpack it through winrar. Since I can't understand why people have a problem. Write me an email.

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Make sure your winrar is up-to-date ,older versions of winrar will chuck up errors if you try opening an archive made with a newer version.


Try right-clicking on file and "extract here".

I have a site i get multipart archives from and i have to select(highlight) all parts in a folder then right-click ,"extract here".

It won't extract the files properly if i open it the normal way .

ie: Just opening the first part ,seeing the files in the archive and extracting as normal.

I think it's some obscure settings that someone has set when making the archive.  I only ever see it on this one site i get some archives from.  Maybe they don't even realise they're doing it.

Whenever i try to explain ,he has no idea what i'm trying to say ,says it must be something i'm doing wrong.

This way I was able to unpack the file without any problems. The Internet is bad, so I can't upload a build without an archive..(((

i fucking loved this game 

Great Horror Game I streamed your game yesterday, I really enjoyed playing it.


Deleted 1 year ago

I answered you on Instagram

Cool game page! Any idea on how I can my my game page better?

Here we are with part 2 and a funny mess up at the end. Remember to share the video to help spread the game to others in youtube. 

if yall havnt got it get it its a good game

love this game good job on this game

Here is part 2 :D Everything was great. 

I've tried to download this game several times, but the download fails every time. :(

What is your problem? There may be problems in a weak Internet

It seems to be.  I just realized today that the site now has a program I can download to take care of game downloads, and that fixed the problem for me. Sorry for the trouble.


I'm glad you did it!

What can I say? Excellent game.

SUPER SPECIAL THANKS to EMIKA_GAMES for making this interesting game. I loved the full thing, we got part 2 on the way too. So if ya can please share this to your community as it helps YouTube spread the word and for future games. I'm here for the indie gaming community. 

It worked :D This game has been great so far and the graphics are awesome. You did an amazing job 

I couldn't get past act 3 :( I wasn't able to pick up the envelope and so a cut scene wasn't working which is unfortunate because the game looks amazing. 

Have you tried to sit down on the left CTRL button?

I will give that a try :) Thank you 

I sent the thee letter

Answered, thank you!

SERIOUSLY an amazing game! It has such a fun story that really engaged me. The graphics are great, sound track is great. Loved it all!

Another great game!! I love following the stories in your games and really appreciate how you do jump scares. Loved it! 


This game is so great and im so glad your back to making games mate! everything about this was terrifying and the story was absolutely brilliant! full gameplay above hope you enjoy

thanks for making games!

Very creepy!


cool game

EMIKA_GAMES on deck! :)

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